Banco BAI Europa

Project: Vector Mais
Area: 1.100 m2
Place: Lisboa

Standing on the 12th floor of Tower 3 in Amoreiras, Banco Angolano de Investimentos’ office has one of the best locations in the city, with direct views to the River and Monsanto. However, as we enter the new facilities of the bank’s Portuguese branch, it is the interiors that capture our attention. Featuring a custom-made project, the office stands out for its elegance, serenity and the use of high-quality materials, offering an inspirational place to employees.
Vector Mais was in charge of the design and building, including engineering, technical installations, interior architecture and supply of the furniture and lighting.

Omar Guerra Executive Administrator, Banco BAI Europa

Omar Guerra
Executive Administrator, Banco BAI Europa

“The location of the chosen space is part of a larger project with a strategic realignment of BAI Group in Portugal. Within the analysis carried out there were main objectives as to increase the integration of the branch within the group, to provide a better service to the client in all the geographic areas in which the group is present and also to make a better communication and to give more visibility to the brand in Portugal. We ended up coming to the Amoreiras with another commitment that was to have the same space as the previous facilities, but all on the same floor. There is a set of values that we can see on the walls of the premises, which have been validated and built together with our team. In the end they were surprised to see these messages mirrored on the walls of our workspace.”

Susana Mendes Project Manager, Vector Mais

Susana Mendes
Project Manager, Vector Mais

“This project was born through a contest of ideas that the client launched to the market for a design and build project. Vector Mais won this contest and developed the entire project, including the specialties, architecture and furniture supply. The client wanted an office with a very comfortable and functional environment and that we included all the new work concepts in the space and at the same time creating a very striking image and with a strong and elegant personality. The operative part is developed in open space, there are no closed offices, the team managers work with the teams to promote a better communication between the employees. Around the open space were created all the internal meeting rooms and some phone booths, which are extremely important spaces, especially when we have an open space as extensive as we have in this project.”

Vera Lucena Interior Designer, Vector Mais

Vera Lucena
Interior Designer, Vector Mais

“The move of Banco BAI Europa to the new facilities has brought us the challenge of developing a home-office concept for a privileged space, flooded with natural light and with a clear view of the river and the city of Lisbon.
To positively surprise employees and promote synergy in this new phase of the institution's life, contemporary solutions have been implemented, from a formal, aesthetic and functional point of view, with the aim of creating a comfortable and stimulating environment. A soft color palette was selected for the materials, panelling and furniture, rich in textures and punctuated by shades of blue, variants of the corporate color. The combination of these elements with the decorative lighting and notes in wood, brass and stone, contributed to reinforce the distinct and serene character of the environment. Throughout the process, the ongoing dialogue with the client, and the commitment and trust placed by him, have been an essential contribution to the final outcome of the project”.