Project: Scalline
Area: 193 m2
Place: Lisboa

With presence on three continents and a business area covering construction, agriculture and international trade, Ecadint opened its office in Lisbon in 2012 with a Scalline project. Giving special attention to the VIP meeting room, dedicated to wine tasting, the headquarters of the Chinese company in Portugal were developed by Vector Mais in the areas of construction, engineering, carpentry and furnishing.


“In a general way all the spaces transmit a clean and clear atmosphere though the chosen colours and materials providing the dynamic use of each space. The exception, the VIP Room is charged with warm feel of wood, cork and dark stone. The wine cellar in the wall is created to display a set of chosen wines that assume an iconic value in the Portuguese tradition.” Inês Xisto, Scalline.

Some of the details and pieces used in the project: