& Johnson

Project: CBRE
Area: 3400 sqm
Place: Lagoas Park

Present in Portugal for more than 50 years, Johnson & Johnson is a world leader in healthcare, being present in our country with consumer products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and diabetes monitoring.
J&J's new office in Lagoas Park reflects the credo of the company, putting the needs and well-being of its employees in the spotlight. Abundance of natural light, quality materials and spaces that promote communication are some of the features that leap into view in this office. With a project by CBRE, the new space was intervened by Vector Mais in the area of construction, engineering, carpentry, supply of furniture and lighting for the lounge areas.

Patrícia Arruda_1.jpg

“Johnson & Johnson, a leading global pharmaceutical company, has just moved from Queluz de Baixo to Lagoas Park, inaugurating the newest building in this office complex in Oeiras.
The new office of 3250 sqm was thought and designed by CBRE, which was responsible for the Concept Design, project management of specialties and architecture, operative furniture, soft seating and construction management.
This project was made to meet the Johnson & Johnson’s Workplace Strategy, allowing an experience of working and rest spaces, through organic and multifunctional solutions, as well as biophilia, incorporated from the beginning in Concept Design.
In this relevant framework, a multidisciplinary team carried out the realization of this project, in which Vector Mais played a key role in the construction phase, in keeping with the needs of Johnson & Johnson, in a practical and effective way, integrated in the path of efficient spaces that meet the expectations of Johnson & Johnson's employees, as well as the standards that guide the environment and energy efficiency,” Patrícia Arruda, CBRE architect.

some of the pieces used in the project: