All Plastic


Like all other Jasper Morrison creations, All Plastic is a discreet, well-proportioned chair that has a familiar shape, as if it has been around forever. Exploring simplicity, classical and vernacular forms, Morrison has developed a timeless chair for a contemporary context, following his philosophy of 'Super Normal', a concept more related to everyday life than it does to design.
Based on the wooden café chairs that have been common in the center of Europe for more than a century, All Plastic has become truly relevant for transporting discreet elegance, functionality and comfort to all environments. Through a rigid polypropylene structure, resistant to water and sunlight, All Plastic can be used in public spaces, offices and outside, where it presents itself as a refreshing alternative to most of the uninspired outdoor chairs.

To know more about All Plastic, contact Marta Alves, manager of the furniture department, by email:


“It’s in observing all the things that have happened before and trying to summarise all that history in an object that still looks fresh.”

Jasper Morrison