Asseco by Vector Mais

The new Asseco office was a project that involved Vector Mais in its many different services, from construction to interior architecture. Due to its size and ambition, the technological company project was one of the most significant for Vector Mais in 2018 and has now been featured in the program Espaços & Casas of SIC Notícias.

“The office is mostly an open space, which is divided in several spaces. We wanted to have many meeting rooms that would allow us to have access to boards and computer equipment, in order to allow us to connect with other geographies, because we are in Madeira, but also in Angola and Mozambique.”
Miguel Lúcio, CFO, Asseco

“The space when we found it was completely empty, it had some constructive elements of the building, which were demolished to create a project and adapt it to the needs of the client. We started by assigning a reception with a corporate identity, which was something they hadn’t in the past, to be the first impression of the company.
We have also created a set of training rooms with movable walls, because the service that Asseco provides requires that this training takes place inside their office.
Then we moved to a very discussed theme with the client, which was to spend square meters in lounge and leisure areas. In an area, where it could be considered in the future to put desks and people working, an informal area has been developed, which today accounts for about 25% to 30% of the office space. This is very important, not to have densified desk areas and meeting rooms, but also to create informal zones that allow employees to work, collaborate or create.
The furniture is also a very interesting subject because usually the customer thinks that he can bring used furniture, considering it a less important investment. We were able to show the customer that this was not an option, because obviously the functionality per square meter is related with the pieces of furniture. We have here solutions from international brands, for instance the Vitra chairs, where there was a great qualitative investment.
There was a special care with the lighting too, in decorative terms it is the element that has more weight in the creation of environments. “
Duarte Aires, CEO, Vector Mais