Devexperts by Vector Mais

The Devexperts office in Porto, one of the projects that pleased the most us to develop and build in 2018, was featured in the Espaços & Casas TV show of SIC Notícias channel.
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Munich, Devexperts is one of the leaders in the development of software and services solutions for the capital markets industry. With offices around the world, the German company has set up its latest research center in Porto. Having hired Vector Mais for a design & build project, the process included the development of the concept of new space, construction, engineering, carpentry, partitions, acoustic solutions and furniture supply.

“We wanted the space to reflect our DNA as a company. We are a company that creates extremely complex ingenious solutions for the financial world. We wanted it to reflect all this technologically advanced look, but at the same time should evoke simplicity and be a place where people feel good. Therefore, we thought of a first impact when you enter the office, when we realize that we have left the world outside and enter in a different space, away from the day to day reality. It is important, when we enter a place where we work, that we can breathe, that we feel good, that it is welcoming, where we want to be. Working with pleasure is one thing that helps a lot to the companies life and the offices are living organisms. The more the work experience is good and pleasant, the better the quality of the work developed is and because we develop quality solutions we wanted it to be reflected in our space.” Paulo Pires, CEO, Devexperts Portugal