Hay x WeWork


With the growth of the digital economy and the optimization of working methods over the last decade, office interiors design also evolved, following the new working trends. With an ever thinner boundary between work and personal life, workspaces increasingly assume a domestic look, giving greater visual and physical comfort to employees, creators and entrepreneurs who work long hours in the office.
The result of a collaboration between Hay and WeWork, one of the world leaders in shared workspaces, the presentation of the Danish brand last April in Milan reflected the constantly evolving needs of today's workspaces. Developed by the designer Stefan Diez, the installation at the Palazzo Clerici, a 17th-century palace in the centre of Milan, had as its main protagonist the New Order system, which includes storage spaces, desks and meeting areas. The result of a survey that WeWork has developed with more than 4000 members in 24 cities, the Hay x WeWork space represented the ambitions of the modern worker, resulting in a more personalized, human and welcoming environment. To achieve this harmony, it was necessary to combine a series of essential elements such as comfortable furniture, storage, acoustic modules, decorative and functional accessories.
Like Nate Clark, director of object design and development at WeWork, says: “As we grow into the future, we’ll talk less about the separation from work and home and learning and working out. If you can create areas where these things are symbiotic and you can move flexibly through all the spaces, something special and cool can happen. That’s what exciting.”