Lampe Gras


One of the great design icons of the 20th century, Lampe Gras lamps were created by visionary Bernard-Albin Gras in 1921, who developed a lighting range for offices and factories.
The extreme simplicity, sturdiness and ergonomics, without any screws or welds, made the Lampe Gras become a favorite of architects and artists, including Le Corbusier, Bernard-Albin, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann, Eilleen Gray, Sonia Delaunay and Georges Braque.
Despite their initial use in an industrial environment, the lamps reissued by the French brand DCW are perfect for home and office environments because of its beauty and timeless design. Projects such as Uriach's (above) headquarters in Lisbon or KPMG (bottom) in Porto show the versatility of Lampe Gras lamps, whether at a reception or in a cafeteria, just perfect.

KPMG_20160129_0100 copy.jpg