Lounge Areas


If there is an ideal time to think about the renovation of your company's furniture is August. A quieter month in business, August is perfect for putting into perspective what works (or not) in your office and planning a renewal in full or only in specific areas.
Like the cafeteria and outdoor spaces, lounge areas are essential in any office, serving as spaces for relaxation, informal meeting and cohesion between team members. Bringing a homely feel to the office, lounge areas should be equipped with comfortable sofas, functional and beautiful side tables, cozy lighting and small desks to work informally.

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To know more about furniture for lounge areas, contact Marta Alves, manager of the furniture department, by email: malves@vectormais.com.


One of George Nelson's most recognizable pieces, the Coconut armchair gives the lounge areas an elegant and timeless touch.


Fauteuil Direction
This compact armchair is a perfect example of the industrial aesthetics of Jean Prouvé, combining robustness and comfort, ideal for working informally.


Eames Coffee Table
Designed in 1949 by Charles & Ray Eames for their own home, this table is appealing for the shape and quality materials.


Like other lamps designed by Alvar Aalto, the A811 floor lamp looks like a light sculpture through its elegant shape and warm lighting.


When we sit on this sofa, we think only of one thing: comfort. Designed by Barber & Osgerby, it is perfect for lounge areas.


Compas Direction
Also designed by Prouvé in the 50's, this small desk remains as current as when it was created, being perfect for the laptop and some papers.