Management Offices


If there is an ideal time to think about the renovation of your company's furniture is August. A quieter month in business, August is perfect for putting into perspective what works (or not) in your office and planning a renewal in full or only in specific areas.
The management offices are not what they used to be, they are no longer a place with imposing furniture, used to demonstrate hierarchical differences. With the evolution of the companies approach to hierarchy, increasingly horizontal, these spaces assume a lighter and more operative language, privileging the functionality, never forgetting elegance and quality materials.

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To know more about furniture for management offices, contact Marta Alves, manager of the furniture department, by email:


Soft Pad
One of the great design classics, this chair designed in 1969 by Charles & Ray Eames is perfect for a management office.


Literatura Open
Designed in 2014 by Vicent Martínez for Punt, this bookcase is an excellent storage solution, combining a fixed section and another on wheels.


Available in a wide range of configurations, the desk by ICF is especially elegant in with a base in polished metal and wooden top.


Like the rest of Jasper Morrison's pieces, the Flos lamp features functionality and a discreet elegance, ideal for a management office.


The visitor or meeting chair par excellence, Vitra's Softshell combines comfort, organic lines and a wide variety of finishes.


In addition to being an object where you can see the hours, this wall clock designed by George Nelson has a high decorative component, functioning as a sculpture.