Microsoft by Vector Mais

Recently inaugurated, the new Microsoft facilities at Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, were built by Vector Mais with an Openbook project. Adapted to the new ways of working, the headquarters of the multinational is a functional and welcoming space, which promotes the creativity and well-being of employees. The project was featured in the Espaços & Casas TV program of SIC Notícias.

Paula Panarra Microsoft General-Director

Paula Panarra
Microsoft General-Director

“We came to this space 7 years ago. It was already prepared for the modern ways of working, without paper or a fixed workstation, but in reality less appropriate to our realities today. We readjusted the space to what are our ways of collaborating today. Very important was also to adapt the space to receive our communities, to also promote our mission, the digital transformation in Portugal.”

Duarte Aires Vector Mais CEO

Duarte Aires
Vector Mais CEO

“It was a big challenge, we are talking about a 5000 m2 building, which has 4 floors and Microsoft has always been operating in 3 of them. We acted on one of the floors, we demolished the whole space and rebuilt it according to the project. Here we have built a home environment, we feel that we are not in a traditional office, but rather in a space that is very comfortable. The carpentry elements were clearly very important in the construction of the space. We had to match the building materials with the specialties and lighting, which had a great deal of weight in creating a scenic environment, in creating spaces of comfort.”

Ana Silveira e Castro Openbook Architect

Ana Silveira e Castro
Openbook Architect

“For Openbook it was a very interesting challenge, the space reflects the new trends of work and it was great to apply them here. We achieved this with very good acoustics in the spaces, using warmer and more comfortable materials like wood and cork, which is very Portuguese. With the amount of space and traffic paths that we have created, with meeting points allied to this more cosy environment, we have been able to give the entire building a less corporate and more comfortable appearance.”