Launched in 2015 by Pedrali, the Nolita outdoor collection recalls the origins of the brand in the 60's, when Mario Pedrali presented his first metal garden chairs. Designed by the CMP studio of Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo, the collection arise from the memories of a sunny and lively square, a timeless place that gave birth to simple and iconic shapes.
Although they were created for the outdoors, Nolita chairs and stools are perfect in the interior too, and proof of this is the use of the collection in Vector Mais projects, such as Axa Assistance in Lisbon or Euronext in Porto (below).
Totally produced in painted metal at the Pedrali factory in Italy, the Nolita collection is naturally robust, perfectly adapting to the most diverse environments due to its timeless design and appealing color palette.

Euronext_20170222_0061 copy_1.jpg
Axa_20170505_0313 copy.jpg