Perfect Office #1


With the evolution of companies and the way of working, offices are increasingly spaces for collaboration and interaction among team members. This is even more evident in startups and creative companies, where employee well-being is fostered through a focus on furniture and informal elements, as well as in natural materials and plants.
In this proposal we can see a choice of durable pieces, adapted to the growth of companies due to its quality and timeless design:

  • Arki Table - Pedrali

  • Rookie Chair - Vitra

  • Wood Lamp - Muuto

  • O-Tidy Organiser - Vitra

  • Tria Shelving System - Mobles 114

  • Onde Acoustic Panels- DeVorm

  • Net Effect Carpet - Interface

  • Meeting Sofa Lets Talk - Forma 5

  • LJ1 Chair - DeVorm

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