The Stool-Tool is one of those pieces that leaves no one indifferent, especially when we know it was designed for workspaces. When we first saw it at the Orgatec fair in 2016, Vitra introduced the multifunctional bench in an industrial environment with silver curtains, a kind of meeting space or interaction where colleagues could exchange ideas in a relaxed way. Designed by the German designer Konstantin Grcic, the Stool-Tool combines a bench and a table into a single object, allowing for various ways of sitting, working or talking, a perfect piece for the modern office. Stackable and available in three colors, the Stool-Tool is a monolithic sculpture that invites users to use it spontaneously and is ideal for many environments including meeting rooms, public areas, work or collaboration spaces.

To know more about Stool-Tool, contact Marta Alves, manager of the furniture department, by email:


“The Stool-Tool is a monolithic volume with two levels. Both levels can be used in whatever way you want – for example you have one to sit on, like a chair, the other one to use as a table. The object is conceived like a bucket upside-down. It’s slightly pyramid shaped and hollow inside because I wanted it to be stackable. The design basically represents the process of finding just the right balance between ‘how big is the footprint on the floor?’ – we wanted it to be as small as possible – and ‘how could we have the largest possible kinds of surfaces to sit on and use for work?’.”

Konstantin Grcic