Vitra Office Accessories


When we talk about offices, the interior architecture and furniture are the first elements to be taken into account, however the accessories are increasingly important in these environments that are intended to be more human and personalized.
Swiss designer Michel Charlot was the figure chosen by Vitra to develop a small collection of accessories, which should be not only functional, but also bringing colour and fun to the work environments.
Through their fluid and organic forms, the objects help to break the austerity that many offices still present, motivating the inspiration of the employees with their joyful appearance. While the Happy bin, inspired by a Hans Arp sculpture, gives a fresh perspective on this uninspired object, O-Tidy and S-Tidy give a good dose of color, tidiness and humanity to the desk, great for starting the day with a smile.

To know more about this office accessories, contact Marta Alves, manager of the furniture department, by email:


“The slightly irregular shape of Happy bin gives the impression of a small sculpture.”

Michel Charlot