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If there is an ideal time to think about the renovation of your company's furniture is August. A quieter month in business, August is perfect for putting into perspective what works (or not) in your office and planning a renewal in full or only in specific areas.
As the area where your team spends the most time, a well-designed workspace is essential for employees' motivation, productivity and happiness. In addition to a comfortable chair and a versatile desk, it is essential to bring humanity into the workspace with tactile materials, friendly accessories and soft lighting.
We leave here some suggestions for the ideal workspace.

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ID Mesh
One of the best work chairs on the market, designed by the master Antonio Citterio for Vitra.


With its essential shape, the Muuto lamp is perfect for giving a soft lighting to the workstation.


The perfect accessory to storage the essentials on the desk, a great alternative to the drawers block.

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Collaboration and relaxation zones are essential in a workspace. Vitra's Workbays offers a multi-functional system.


The new Forma 5 desk system is ideal for the modern office because it is adjustable in height.

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Classic Pillows
Textiles are essential to bring a tactile and familiar element to the office, yet for more with Girard and Eames standards.