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Axa Assistance

Project: CBRE
Area: 1500 m2
Place: Lisboa

Considered one of the best companies to work in Portugal, Axa Assistance has moved its facilities to Avenida da Liberdade due to the strong growth of the company, but also to offer a more pleasant work space to its employees. With a project by CBRE, Axa Assistance's new office had Vector Mais intervention in the area of construction, engineering, carpentry, acoustic solutions (Bamer) and furniture supply.

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"The strong growth of AXA Assistance's activity has motivated the need for change, and with this change has also emerged the opportunity to alter the paradigm and concept of the workplace. The way companies and organizations work has changed drastically in recent years, and the offices should follow this trend. The new office on Avenida da Liberdade, designed by CBRE, is based on a new philosophy and dynamics in the work environments. The current space, with a total of 1,500m2 spread over three floors, was designed according to the team and their activity, privileging the relationship between people and their collaboration, creating an inspiring and more informal environment." Nelson Paciência, CBRE.

some of pieces and details of the project: