Deloitte Hub

Project: OpenBook
Area: 12.000 m2
Place: Lisbon

Located in Lisbon, Deloitte's headquarters in Portugal occupies an area of 12.000 square meters in an office building in Amoreiras. Prepared to receive 2000 collaborators simultaneously, Deloitte Hub is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic office projects in Lisbon, signed by studio OpenBook. Vector Mais has developed extensive work in civil construction, engineering, carpentry and furnishing.


“Our creative process was based on receiving all inputs from Deloitte and creating a storyboard, in which we made a metaphor for a synapse. These terminations are a link between neurons, just as Deloitte aspired to have communication, or foster it, between its professionals and the client.
In terms of layout and distribution of spaces, the building has an I definition, a building that has a North-South orientation, somehow 'neighbourhoods' have been created in these blueprints. Possessing common spaces to both nuclei, which are for support, meetings and relaxing, they have been positioned in the building in order to interconnect both neighbourhoods, the North and South.
Then an unique concept was developed, which was not assigning a permanent workstation or office to partners.” Paulo Jervell, OpenBook

some of the pieces used in the project: