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Project: Vector Mais
Area: 3.000 m2
Place: Porto

Following the movement of many international companies that are coming to Portugal, Euronext opened in Porto the second office in the country. With a project by Vector Mais, the space stands out for combining the original structure, through exposed ceilings, with an informal, modern, inspiring work environment that encourages collaboration between collaborators. In addition to the interior design, Vector Mais has developed all the construction, engineering, carpentry and supplied the furniture and lighting.

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“In this project, it was necessary to create a dynamic, flexible, comfortable and functional environment where space usage solutions were implemented, allowing an international, young and specialized team to have the necessary resources to overcome the challenges arising from the activity of the company. The careful selection of colors, materials, patterns and textures, and careful study of natural and artificial lighting, greatly contributed to the success of the project.” Vera Lucena, Vector Mais.

some of the pieces used in the project: