Project: Vector Mais
Area: 2.200 sqm
Place: Lisboa

Exictos (now Asseco) is a reference in technological and knowledge solutions and one of the leading companies in the Portuguese-speaking countries. With more than 400 employees and committed to developing solutions for the financial sector, banking consulting services, IT infrastructure, among many others, Exictos was acquired in 2015 by the Asseco Group. For the construction of the interiors of its new office in Lisbon, with capacity for more than 200 employees, the company hired Vector Mais for a design and build project, that included the interior design, construction, engineering, carpentry, partitions, furniture and lighting.


"The expansion plan of Exictos and its integration in the Asseco Group and consequent change of name and branding, motivated the need to change facilities to a new space with about 2.200 sqm and about 260 workplaces.

This change enabled Vector Mais to offer its Workplace Strategy service to study a space adapted to the real needs of the client and its employees.

The result was the development of a unique, functional, modern and comfortable space, with several differentiated specific zones and technologically advanced, in open-space enabling an even more collaborative environment, and with conditions of excellence for employees to perform their functions.

An innovative concept and a careful selection of materials, colors, textures, furniture and lighting have been developed that have contributed greatly to adapting the space to the new image of the company.”

Miguel Pestana, Arquitecto, Vector Mais.

some pieces used in the project: