Project: Filosofia do Espaço
Place: Praia D'El Rey Golf & Beach Resort

After 20 years of activity, the first 5-star hotel in the Silver Coast has been refurbished, updating its image to the current requirements, transforming a dated space into a contemporary hotel. With a project from Filosofia do Espaço, the first phase of intervention in the hotel focused on common areas, event rooms, corridors and some of the bedrooms. Vector More developed all the civil construction work, engineering and carpentry.

Francisco Nogueira de Sousa_2_1.png


“Vector Mais becomes a reference for us in the hotel industry to be considered for other projects.” Francisco Nogueira de Sousa, Marriott Resort Praia D’El Rey director.

“The hotel was turned to its interior, it had a heavy decor, our intention was to always bring the exterior into the hotel. The Marriott Praia D'El Rey has a premium location, we are on the sea front, with direct views to the Berlengas Islands. Our idea was to maximize the hotel's location and neutralize the previous environment in order to enhance the exterior.” Rita Gabriel, Filosofia do Espaço.


some details of the project: