Project: Pedra Silva Arquitectos
Area: 4700 m2
Place: Lisbon

Founded in 2006, OLX is one of the leading internationally classified platforms with more than 5000 employees and presence in 40 countries. With a project by Pedra Silva Arquitectos studio, the new Lisbon office of the OLX group expresses the company's activity through an inspiring, functional and colorful environment that encourages interaction between employees. Vector Mais has developed all the construction work, engineering and carpentry.


OLX Group about their philosophy:
“We are proud to be different, and we work differently too. We combine the spirit and agility of a start-up with the maturity that comes from being part of a 100 year-old company. At times it can feel like organised chaos, and that’s the way we like it.
We are allergic to corporate interference. We improvise, experiment and do whatever is needed, wherever we are. We love to operate in exotic and challenging markets. We accept risk, take chances, and ask for forgiveness, not permission.
Independently we move fast and adapt quickly. Collectively we collaborate globally and remain united by a single global purpose to build great platforms that create win-win exchanges.” 

some details of the project: