Project: Vector Mais
Area: 2000 m2
Place: São Julião do Tojal

Founded in 1951, Sotécnica is one of the most prestigious companies on the market in the areas of energy, industry and technical installations. Integrated since 2005 in the international group Vinci Energies, the company decided to build a new headquarters on the premises of its facilities in São Julião do Tojal. With a design and build project by Vector Mais, the interiors reflect the dynamic and innovative business culture of Sotécnica, providing employees with a quiet space to work, gather or collaborate as a team.

Vera Lucena, Interior Designer, Vector Mais

Vera Lucena, Interior Designer, Vector Mais

“In this change of office, Sotécnica invested in a deep intervention, with the aim of considerably improving the facilities, and offering its employees a modern, dynamic and innovative environment, reflecting the characteristics of the service provided by the company throughout its history. Having once again focused on decentralization, keeping its headquarters outside the city of Lisbon and surrounded by an extensive field area, the quality of each space and its interaction with the outside area were a permanent concern, to which were added criteria of functionality, sustainability, comfort and aesthetics, reflected in both the layout and the equipment, as well as colors, lighting and finishes.”